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On-Demand Email Marketing

Create professional email marketing campaigns with easy-to-use tools. Build and manage email lists, manage subscribers and track your campaigns!

Our simple email wizard helps you launch effective campaigns in just several easy steps. There’s no limit to how many emails you want to send.

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Xacti offers a wide range of valuable tools that continually grow and improve. This growth is taken with great pride as our employees focus on the future to make each web surfing experience safer and more efficient. Our improvements make all of our products top-notch and industry recognized. The following certificates were achieved through expert knowledge and experience.

Micorosoft® Certified Partner

Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Xacti has achieved the highest level of technical expertise, strategic thinking and hands-on skills for delivering technology solutions.

Google™ Adwords Certified Partner

Google AdWords Qualified Company

Xacti has met Google's requirements to attain recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.

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Bing® Ads Accredited Professional

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

This certificate signifies Xacti has met the requirements to attain recognition as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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