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Create and share funny pictures of your friends with a variety of tools anyone can use. Save them or send to your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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LinkToMyPC™ Remote Desktop

Get fast, easy and secure access to remote computers with LinkToMyPC™. This easy-to-use application allows you to access your computer remotely or share your desktop with a remote guest. You can connect to your home computer from anywhere. Access all your files, emails, programs, photos, videos – everything on your remote computer. You can even listen to music and print from your remote computer.

Go Remote

Work at the office from home or while you travel. It’s perfect for live technical support, remote control and file sharing. All you need is an Internet connection.

Easy of Use

Install the Client software on the computer to be accessed. Install the Viewer software on another computer. Log in to the Viewer to access the remote computer.

Pick a Plan

Access your personal computer over the Internet with our Premium Plan. Our Corporate Edition allows remote access and management of work computers.

Easy to use yet powerful features let you be in two places at the same time! Advanced encryption and security measures ensure your information is fully protected at all times. Invite guests to view and control your computer. Whether it’s for technical support or to share information, LinkToMyPC™ makes sharing your desktop a breeze. Manage files remotely, drag and drop files from one computer to the next and copy and paste information between computers. We make remote access easy for novices and pros alike.