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On-Demand Email Marketing

Create professional email marketing campaigns with easy-to-use tools. Build and manage email lists, manage subscribers and track your campaigns!

Our simple email wizard helps you launch effective campaigns in just several easy steps. There’s no limit to how many emails you want to send.

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Whether you are a small business, organization or nonprofit, PrimeSender gives you the tools you need to get in touch with potential and established customers, clients, and members. We provide simple and affordable marketing solutions to build successful and long-lasting relationships with your subscribers.

Easily create professional email newsletters to grow and maintain your subscriber base. Our simple-to-use wizard lets you create a professional email in several simple steps. You can start with a predefined email, make edits to it, enter your company information, customize texts to your needs, select email recipients and then schedule its distribution.

PrimeSender is designed to deliver first class emails and drive effective campaigns that you can track and fine tune. Plus, you can instantly post your messages on social networks to expand your reach even further. No other service provides you with such powerful tools for so little cost.